Fully Automated

Funky Trade is designed to do the work for you automatically 24/7. Customers book trade pitches through the online form once approved the system sends out payment reminders until they have paid.

Add a venue

Funky trade has a large selection of venue layouts from small buildings to full exhibition halls. Simply download the plans then start building your layout. You can request your building to be uploaded we create a plan to scale.layout placing trade stand to scale.

Up to date sales reports

Real time sales reports, Who’s paid who’s been approved and who’s just booked in. Check reports on your smart phone anytime. Send custom emails with up to date information. Custom checkouts can be placed on any website you have access to.

Customer Insurance

All traders and exhibiters need to have public liability insurance and risk assessments to trade. Funky Trade has a unique system where they can easily upload documents for you to check before they are approved.


Create accurate financial documents, send payment reminders automatically. Full VAT invoices can be produced. Direct payment so you receive all the funds. Funky Trade take a small fee that is added on the total trade stand cost.


Create a map from any location using our powerful software, see exactly what your event will look like. Software will work out areas and parameters, ideal for planning camping to car parking. Funky Trade are the sole designers and owners of this software.

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What our clients say

What our clients say

"With this piece of software, Im able to create a map to scale, create the necessary pitches and areas and it would just tell me the sizings and scale in real time, from that I could work out exactly what I needed for my event which saved me many hours of work!" - Bruce Emmett

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